Say hello to all the Actiphons Annie, Craig, Timmy, Isabelle, Phil, Olly, Nelly and Sally playing their sports in Activille
Cricket Craig playing his favourite game- Cricket with his best friends Timmy, Sally, Phil, Olly and Annie in Whispering Meadow with the Mount Rocky as a backdrop
A selection of the 70 Actiphons reading books on a bright yellow background

Reading Books

Learn Phonics and get active with Actiphons in this energetic book series for children who are learning to read.

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Say Hello to the Actiphons

The Actiphons family sat on their trampoline underneath a big balloon arch
Welcome to the Actiphons Family. See the Team in action taking part in fun and active challenges, helping Harper learn her phonics............................ Let the Games Begin!!!

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Black and White images of the main beats to the TV Series including the Actiphons Challenge selector, Active Arena Big screen, split screen image of Enerjai and Ollie, Activat8 button and Active Arena celebration scene