Our Mission

To inspire children to learn their phonics by  playing fun sporting activities.


Learning Phonics through this Kinaesthetic approach has lead to significant & positive improvements in childrens literacy skills whilst allowing children to experience more sports & fun, physical activities creating healthy, active lifestyles.  

Phonics + Physical Activity = Actiphons

Actiphons is an innovative Phonics teaching resource & programme for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children which complements, enhances and supplements existing teaching methods 
of Phonics making it 100% compatible with the GOVERNMENTS- LETTERS & SOUNDS  programme, but links physical activity and a kinaesthetic approach as a means of reinforcement and learning. 


In NURSERY, at SCHOOL and even at HOME there is no better place to let the Actiphons encourage your child to:


Kathryn Austerberry

I have been in the education profession for over 10 years and I have always had a particular passion for teaching phonics and helping children to learn to read and write. Due to the passion in this particular area I became Head
 of Early Years focusing on implementing new innovative approaches and techniques to aid children’s learning and development, which in turn saw great improvements which contributed to achieving excellent Ofsted results.

Due to this success in my own school I was approached to help develop phonics within other Early Years settings and also appointed to lecture at Lancaster University on Phonics to the student teachers.

Simon Austerberry

A 17 year career in the Sports Coaching and Education Profession has provided me with a wealth of first hand experience and knowledge when it comes to the physical delivery of coaching children in sports at all levels.

This expertise has allowed Kathryn and I to develop and tailor the programme with specific reference to a child’s capabilities whilst linking in the FUNdamentals they require to develop in the individual physical activities which reinforce the phonic letters & sounds taught. If appropriate we can then sign post children to local clubs so they can continue on their physical learning journey.

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Meet the Core Cast

Family Insights

One of a number of FREE sessions to help parents & children get active with the Actiphons.  

Invisible Isabelle Session

Letter games with the Invisible Isabelle reinforcing their letters and sounds.

Letter Games

Children learning blending & segmenting  skills  via our alternative phonics programme. 


of children have improved their listening skills through participating in the sessions


of settings state that their children appear more physcially active due to delivering the Actiphons classes


of settings state that their children remember the corresponding graphemes to the phonemes by recalling the Actiphons name


of children have improved their blending and segmenting skills whilst on the programme