Home Learning

Actiphons see "Home Learning" as one of the key building blocks in developing a child's Phonics awareness. This is why we have created a programme and set of resources which welcomes both parent and child learning. 

So whether it is attending a session at your child's setting or accessing one of the Free taster classes the Actiphons are here to help!

FREE Courses

When a setting has signed up to the Actiphons we deliver a FREE parents insight into the world of the Actiphons. Here we will breifly explain the phonics approach used within settings and how the Actiphons help to develop your child's learning.

Please ask your setting for more details on how to access this FREE initiative. 

Download your FREE Physical Phonics parents guide!!!

Practical tips and advise on how to help your child develop their awareness of the sounds around them, whilst allowing them to experience numerous physical activities. 

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Home Learning Resources

Flash Cards

Ideal for when travelling on journeys as they arein a handy pocket size. Covering Phases 1 to 5 these Flash Cards are great to help your child learn the various letter & sounds. 

Phase Frieze

Help reinforce the letters & sounds learnt at school with our colourful and bright Phase Frieze. Phases 1 to 5 are available.  

Music CD

Come join the Actiphons singing their favourite songs which will help your child distinguish their sounds and enhance their vocabulary.    

Click here for some FREE, FUN, FAMILY activities


of children have improved their listening skills through participating in the sessions


of settings state that their children appear more physcially active due to delivering the Actiphons classes


of children have improved their blending and segmenting skills whilst on the programme


of settings state that their children remember the corresponding graphemes to the phonemes by recalling the Actiphons name