Our Programme

Actiphons deliver a unique approach to inspiring children to learn their Phonics whilst at the same time encouraging them to try a variety of sports and fun physical activities. Its these experiences which help the children reinforce the letters and sounds found throughout the 5 Phonic Phases. Dependent on the developmental stage the children are at we have the following offering:

Phase 1- Covers the 7 different aspects as outlined in the Governments- Letters & Sounds programme

Phase 2- 23 letters & sounds introduced for blending & segmenting with letters all following the SATPIN sequence

Phase 3- A further 27 grapheme combinations many of which are made up of 2 letters for example “sh” in Shotput Sheena

Phase 4- Reinforcement of the letters & sounds covered in phases 2 and 3 focusing on implementing these different grapheme combinataions into writing 

Phase 5- The last 19 grapheme combinations are introduced all of which are made up of 2 letters for example “ay” in Playing Faye and “ie” Vie Lie

CLICK the PLAY BUTTON to watch the Actiphons in action delivering their Physical Phonics programme highlighting how it can be implemented into your setting.

Accessing the Programme

To ensure the Actiphons programme is delivered to its optimum potential, only licensed practitioners are allowed to deliver the sessions once they have attended an Actiphons accreditation course. 

We also firmly believe "home learning" is a key aspect of a child's development so we include a FREE "Parents Briefing Session" within our programme which outlines in detail how parents can utilise aspects of the Actiphons programme at home to improve their childrens phonics and physical development. 


If you belive the Actiphons programme would be of benefit to your setting there are a variety of ways to get involved:


Setting Accreditation

To get the most out of the Actiphons programme you can train up each member of staff so you can fully immerse your setting, allowing the children to PLAY, LEARN & EXERCISE each and every day of the week.    


Direct Delivery

For settings wishing one of our Trained Teachers to deliver the Actiphons Programme all you need to provide are the children and the space. We will do the rest. You just need to choose the appropriate Phase.



Our training goes towards enhancing each member of staffs CPD and gives them more confidence in the niche environment which Phonics & Physical Education entails.


Alternatively you can just purchase some of the many resources via our SHOP and commence delivery immediately.


For more information please contact the Actiphons team.  

Learning Enhancements


With a wealth of resources to aid the children's learning we have created a fresh, colourful, exciting and comprehensive range of materials to engage the children not only in school  but at home too.   


Take advantage of our FREE downloadable resources to get the children started and learning more about the Actiphons. Regularly updated with great games, colouring sheets, letter & sound activities plus much, much more. 

Coming Soon

We are constantly developing the resources the Actiphons have available. The lastest additions are:


Reading Books 


"We have been having weekly sessions for the past year all delivered to an excellent standard, quality and reliability. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme to colleagues and other schools.”

Mrs. C. Doodson, Head Teacher at St Bernards RC Primary, Bolton

“We have been using the Actiphons to deliver enhancements to the children which sits along side our existing Phonics programmes. Sessions have been tailored to fit in our current needs and the children love the physical phonics element”

Early Years Lead at Strike Lane Nursery, Preston

“I have seen an improvement on the children’s gross motor skills within our P.E lessons and within every day activities in the classroom. Within accessing so many different activities and resources the children’s control is becoming much better.”

Reception Teacher at St Catherines RC Primary, Manchester

“The programme has been delivered within South Ribble Children’s Centres for last 2 years, in which time the centres have achieved Outstanding in their recent Ofsted reports. Ofsted commented that; The high attendance of physical movement within the session demonstrates how parents have embraced a more active and healthy lifestyle in 2012. I can highly recommend the programme to Children’s Centres and schools to deliver an excellent programme for children and their families.”

By Maria Neal, Wade Hall Centre Manager

Letter & sound activity

Children participating in a Phase 2 blending and segmenting activity. Building words with the Actiphon sounds which the children have previously learnt.

Oliver Over's obstacle course

Families experiencing being Oliver Over, physically experiencing the 'o' sound by going over different obstacles. 

Walking Wendy word games

Walking Wendy and her Actiphon friends are helping the children to read words by orally blending sounds together. 


the number of children currently accessing the Actiphons each week


of settings state that the children use their knowledge of the Actiphon’s in other areas of learning


of parents state that the children pretend to be the Actiphon’s at home and play their sporting games


of settings say that the children love the Actiphon rhymes and this helps them when they are doing rhyming in class