The Power of Play

Join the Actiphons Family as they go on energetic adventures learning their phonics through playing fun games and physical activities. Who knew learning could be so much fun!

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o, o, o sound-

For more fun and games once you have finished exercising please print some of the Actiphons Activity Sheets. Its win-win!


Click here for the pdf

Craig and Phil colour me in activity sheet

Click here for the pdf

Can you draw your favourite Actiphon activity sheet 

Click here for the pdf

Swimming Sally colouring activity sheet

Click here for the pdf

Incredible Isabelle colour me in activity sheet

Click here for the pdf

 Can you help Timmy find his tennis racket


Or why not make some Pom Poms with the Actiphons very own Teacher Tim.  



For more fun and games why not head over to our Actiphons Official YouTube Channel by clicking the link below where you can watch the latest Actiphons Challenges, games and 5 minute Activities. It's a Winner!

Actiphons Official YOUTUBE Channel

What the parents/ carers/ children say  

See below some comments from the community from families who are using Actiphons to PLAY-LEARN-EXERCISE at home.


"My son was such a reluctant reader and was not interested in phonics or reading at all. We came across Actiphons and their live lessons and he became smitten. He loves finding out which new character and sound he is going to learn and is always singing along to the catchy songs. Thank you Actiphons for making my boy begin to enjoy reading."
Mrs Walker Mummy to James 


"Actiphons was our saviour-tool that placed fun and fitness into learning. Catchy tunes and actions truly embedded the phonics sounds for our little one. I cannot recommend the resources available enough to all pre-school and early years pupils"
Mrs Catterall Mummy to Brodie


"My girls love the combination of games and phonics. Actiphons has made learning fun for them. A year later and they are still singing the catchy songs."

Mrs Morris Mummy to Lucinda and Carmen