The Power of Community Phonics, Reading & Sport

Join the Actiphons Family as they tackle the 'READING CULTURE'  by using the 'POWER OF SPORT', teamwork and some very, very special guests as they go on energetic community adventures helping children around the world be the best version of themselves, empowering them to achieve their dreams by giving them the opportunity to learn a fundamental "Life Skill"- READING!


Actiphons meeting some children in the community with our very special friend Fred the Red from Manchester United.

Our reason why: 

39M Children globally obese or overweight (according to WHO) 

250M Children gloablly lack basic literacy skills (according to UNESCO)


Delivered through:

A 'Blended Learning' approach consisting of

Social Action & Community Outreach Projects

Social Media Platforms

Online Resources

Face to Face Community Delivery


Collaborations & Partnerships 

 Actiphons CPD training teaching community coaches how to best deliver the Actiphons Phonics resource to their communities


Join Team Actiphons:

If you are an Organisation, Local Community Group or Government who would like to help us promote the Importance of Reading to children and create a READING CULTURE through the POWER OF SPORT, please send us an email as we would love to hear how we could work together and get more children around the world to PLAY-LEARN-EXERCISE.

Early Intervention and Collaboration is key.....     

Ready, Steady, Let's Go!!! 

Community day collaboration with the help of our friends and Manchester United Foundation when visiting a Manchester Primary School 


Community Comments  

It's always nice to hear such positive comments and feedback from children and families who have experienced Actiphons as it shows we are making a real difference and impact on the lives that matter. 


"My son was such a reluctant reader and was not interested in phonics or reading at all. We came across Actiphons and their live lessons and he became smitten. He loves finding out which new character and sound he is going to learn and is always singing along to the catchy songs. Thank you Actiphons for making my boy begin to enjoy reading."
Mrs Walker Mummy to James 


"Actiphons was our saviour-tool that placed fun and fitness into learning. Catchy tunes and actions truly embedded the phonics sounds for our little one. I cannot recommend the resources available enough to all pre-school and early years pupils"
Mrs Catterall Mummy to Brodie


"My girls love the combination of games and phonics. Actiphons has made learning fun for them. A year later and they are still singing the catchy songs."

Mrs Morris Mummy to Lucinda and Carmen