The Power of Sport, Phonics & Reading

By using the POWER OF SPORT Actiphons inspires children to learn to read and write using phonics. Through playing various sporty games and physical activities the Sporty Actiphons Characters teach children the various letter and sounds in the order they are taught in school whilst playing 29 different sports and over 90 different physical activities.

Who knew learning could be so much fun!!!



Physcial Phonics activities to help children with their letters and sounds


Regular physical activity and exercise helps children's: 

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Build Strong Bones and Muscles 

Control Weight 

Reduce symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Improve Sleep 

Aid Schools Academic Performance 



Children playing a spots game to help them warm up before an Actiphons class


Reasons for a more Active Curriculum :

39M Children globally obese or overweight (World Health Organisation- WHO). 

US$4 Trillion per year by 2035 is the amount obesity will cost the global economy if current trends continue (World Obesity Organisation).   

14 minutes less exercise per week equating to 12 hours less exercise per year due to the digital era children now find themselves in (The Insights Family).  


Children practising Phonics through climbing and jumping skills with O-O-Ollie Obstacle