The Power of Reading & Sport

To help improve the 'Reading Culture' Actiphons was created to inspire and engage children to learn to read and write whilst using their Phonics skills however all uniquely delivered through the 'Power of Sport'.

Through a 'Blended Learning' approach Actiphons has created a unique and colourful resource that complements and enhances existing teaching methods of phonics when covering the 69 different letters and sounds.

At Home, Nursery or School, Actiphons can be used as part of your existing Phonics scheme, integrated as part of your PE lesson for some additional 'Sneaky Learning' or enjoyed with the family as part of a home learning experience.

As all Children learn differently and Nurseries and Schools requirements vary, we have created a variety of resources which we hope will help inspire a reading culture and sporty learning journey for all 'Little Learners'. 

A selection of the resources available are: 

Reading Books 

Flash Cards 


Physical Activity Plans 

CPD Programmes 

Wipe Board Animations  





The Book Series

Actiphons is an energetic phonics series for children who are learning to read. These lively stories practise 69 letter sounds in the order they are taught in school - each with its own fun character and sporty action. By reading the stories in order, children will build their phonics skills and become active, lifelong readers!  

 T-T-Terrific idea T-T-Timmy T-T-Tennis!!! 



Resource Collection

To help complement the reading book collection we have created a variety of colourful and engaging resources that will enhance and support any existing phonics teaching currently being used.  


For more information on any of the resources please head over to our



What the teachers say 

Don't just take our word for it. See below some comments from practitioners who have already experienced the Actiphons resource. 


"The children at Nature Trail Nursery- Heskin, look forward to their weekly Actiphons sessions. They always ask what letter they will be learning and look forward to their teacher Tim's visit. They use the letter they have learnt in that week to further their learning and their weekly activities. The children's phonic knowledge has increased dramatically since starting these sessions."
Nature Trail Nursery- Heskin

"We have now been doing the Actiphons for 3 yrs and we love it! The children really enjoy singing the songs and finding out about each character. The songs and actions help them to remember what sound each character begins with. This has had a great impact on our EYFS/ KS1 reading and writing. The Actiphons word mats, posters and cards are a great resource and are a valuable addition to our writing activities. The scheme is very active and appeals to and engages even the more reluctant writers. The children look forward to our Actiphons sessions and the parents love it too! The online videos and youtube channel was so helpful over lockdown, remote learning and now for home use. We eagerly await the release of the reading books."
Whittle le Woods Primary School 



Adventure Annie

Loves- Exploring, Special Skill- Throwing, Find her in- Evergreen Forest, Likes- Great outdoors, Den building, Wildlife, Catchphrase- AMAZING!

Cricket Craig

Loves- Playing Cricket, Special Skill- Speed (he's as quick as a cat), Find him in- Whispering Meadow, Likes- Winning, Preening himself, "Cat"chphrase- COOL!

Timmy Tennis

Loves- Playing Tennis, Special Skill- Accuracy, Find him on- The Tennis Court, Likes- Sweat Bands & Teddy bears, Catchphrase- Terrific!

Incredible Isabelle

Loves- Ice Skating, Special Skill- Invisibility, Find her at- Mount Rocky Ice Skating, Likes- Problem solving & giggling, Catchphrase- Impressive!

Physical Phil

Loves- Weightlifting, Special Skill- He's Super Strong, Find him in- Active Arena Gym, Likes- Eating, Picking up heavy objects (he's a bit of a showoff) & origami, Catchphrase- Phew!

Olly Obstacle

Loves- Obstacles Courses, Special Skill- Jumping (very high), Find him- anywhere he can jump, Likes- you guessed it... jumping, frogs, springs, Catchphrase- Of course!

Netball Nelly

Loves- Playing Netball, Special Skill- Catching, Find her on- The Netball Court, Likes- Talking loudly, Organising and being part of a team, Catchphrase- Nice!

Swimming Sally

Loves- Anything Aquatic, Special Skill- Swimming, Find her- At Pebble Bay, Likes- The Beach, Marine Life, Water, Catchphrase- Splashing!