Learn Phonics- Get active with ACTIPHONS: Parents Guide


Ready, Steady, Let's Go and help your little learners understand the world of Phonics with a little help from the Actiphons. Learn the reason's why children learn phonics and understand as a parent how to best help them become active learners - and lifelong readers! 

Inside the Actiphons cover:

-Alliteration, Rhythm & Rhyme

-Understanding about oral 'Blending' & 'Segmenting' 

-Letters & Sounds covered in each of the Phases 

-Highlights the 'Tricky' words children will encounter 

-Provides simple games you can play at home with your child and much, much more!!!


What a 'SMASHING' idea!!!


Product details

Reading age 3-6 years  

Digital Product 

Print Length if required 90 pages 

English Language