Learn Phonics- Get active with ACTIPHONS: Phase 2 Sporty Games


Ready, Steady, Let's Go and help your children 'Get Active' with the Actiphons and learn their Phase 2 Phonics using the POWER OF SPORT. Teach children their Letters and Sounds through playing a variety of sports and physical activities with these energetic and entertaining sporty lesson plans. During this phase children will play:

S-S-Swimming games with Sally and learn the S-S-S sound

A-A-Adventure games with Annie and learn the A-A-A sound 

T-T-Tennis games with Timmy and learn the T-T-T sound 

That sounds T-T-Terrifc Timmy. SMASHING WORKOUT EVERYONE!

Product details

Reading age 3-5 years  

Digital Product x 23 Lesson Plans

Print Length if required 28 pages 

English Language