Learn Phonics- Get active with ACTIPHONS: Tricky Words Activity Book



Ready, Steady, Let's Go and help your little learners with their TRICKY WORDS and get 'ACTIVE' with the Actiphons in this colourful activity book. Tricky Words are the ones that can't be sounded out, as these words might be spelt in an unusual way but are commonly used. Tackle these tricky words with the help of the sporty and energetic Actiphons and their friends and your little learners will be CHAMPION readers in no time! 

  • Practise 'Tricky Word' sentences 
  • Copy and trace 
  • Play fun Phonics games 
  • Read simple 'Flash Card' sentences 


Product details

Reading age 4-6 years  

Digital Product 

Print Length 70 pages 

English Language